Kid Trails Album

I have just finished making my album and I am really stoked/kinda relieved/wanna make another one already. You can listen to some of the songs HERE. It has got 12 songs on it and it comes in 4 funky colors. All of the CDRs are hand drawn, save for about 40 that are spray painted. I realized that I can doodle faster than I can spray paint and decided to change it up. I made 200 of them and they are 5 bux a pop (or you can trade me something cool.) Also: Tomorrow night Kid Trails will be playing with Mercy Mercy Me at The Giant Peach!!!!! 2305 Preston Street for DANA'S BIRTHDAY!!


Sam Spina said...

I listened to it when i was working! it's rad dude! i think #2 and 4 are my fav songs. Good job patrick

Tyler said...

fkn awsm duude! diggin the layout and the music.