Now I Know

what my parents must have felt like when Elvis died. You don't really think about the guy too much but you can't really think about him not being around. It is just very surreal in many ways. I am going to mourn by making "too soon" jokes and making attempt after fruitless attempt to master the moonwalk.


Traffic Court

Today I had to go to traffic court. As you can imagine it sucked really hard. The officer that ticketed me in a fender bender last month was a huge jerk. When he wrote my ticket he accused me of being a "rogue paint baller" and also told me I smelled like marijuana and would need to search the car. I let him, he found nothing. Just to accentuate his assholery he wrote my name down on the court roster as "Patrice Jefford." That jack off knew my name was Patrick and snickered as I approached the bench saying "Actually it is Patrick Jeffords." There are not enough words to describe how much I hate cops. Every single one of them. I want to shoot their eyes out like the folks in that third picture, which by the way is a present for my pal SAM. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!


Happy Birthday To Me

So I am 22 years old now. eesh. Sam gave me these great pens and that second little guy is the first thing I drew. It is a pentel sign pen. It is like a sharpie that does not bleed. Pretty sweet.


The Vandals Took The Handles

The first one is a collaboration with my friend Sarah Cox. She gave me a beautiful print to doodle over a couple of months ago and I just got around to doing it. The other two photos are from a sign near MLK park that reads "Welcome To." I thought it was a funny idea. However, it took me three seperate trips. First, the duct tape did not hold so my pals John and Dana helped me nail it in. Then this good samaritan/total fucking prick rolls up and says "You better take those nails outta that sign!" We responded by giggling and fleeing the scene. When we drove by it an hour later the sign had been removed. We made another one, nailed it up, and two hours later it had also removed. Hell is way more interesting than the nothingness of limbo.


Bad With Computers

I made some art out of discarded computer monitors.





Some 8x10 prints from my most recent roll of film.


Remember This?

This is a double exposure I did from my patriotic portraits of Noah and Mike. I kind of forgot about it and found it in my locker (which I haven't cleaned out yet.) The scanner at McMaster did that weird blue shit at the bottom and I like it. It is not on the print though.



I have

3 pages left in my sketchbook. Here are some monsters and stuff.