Traffic Court

Today I had to go to traffic court. As you can imagine it sucked really hard. The officer that ticketed me in a fender bender last month was a huge jerk. When he wrote my ticket he accused me of being a "rogue paint baller" and also told me I smelled like marijuana and would need to search the car. I let him, he found nothing. Just to accentuate his assholery he wrote my name down on the court roster as "Patrice Jefford." That jack off knew my name was Patrick and snickered as I approached the bench saying "Actually it is Patrick Jeffords." There are not enough words to describe how much I hate cops. Every single one of them. I want to shoot their eyes out like the folks in that third picture, which by the way is a present for my pal SAM. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!


Sam Spina said...

if you don't want to be called a rogue paint baller then stay with the fuckin team the next time we play! we don't need a hero patrick, we need FUCKING BACKUP

Unknown said...

you know, you could have had it thrown out in court for them not spelling your name correctly.