Knights of Columbus Anti Abortion Rally

These are photographs from the Knights of Columbus Anti-Abortion Rally held at the Russell House this past Saturday. They get pretty raunchy at those anti-abortion rallies as you can see.


Screen Print Idea

this is my sketch for the first screen print im gonna do. we have to do a self portrait for my class.


Veggie on the Skins!!!

this is a photograph of two of my favorite vegetarians hanging out with mayor mccheese in atlanta, georgia this summer. on the right we have mr. aaron graves, and on the left is the lovely cameron gardner. funny story: before this photo could be taken aaron, cameron, and myself had to wait while a couple of hooligans did rails of cocaine off of the mayor's top bun.



i started my internship today for the indie grits film festival. so far it is great and my boss, andy, is really nice to me. if you wanna submit a film the deadline is february 1st. i got bored in class today and doodled this thing (below) on my syllabus.


Big Ol' Collabo Paintings

my friend leslie and i did these paintings over the holiday break. day fun.

First Day of School

hope everybody had a good break, happy new year, and all that good stuff. here are some things i did over the break..... got a turn table went to a figure study sesh with sam spina and leslie played some pool and went fishing