College Theology

Pardon the bad scan. I'm sure you have seen the dudes at lunch outside of the Russell House screaming about how Jews, drunks, homos, Muslims, fornicators, druggies, gangsters, etc. are going to hell. Well, today as I ate my chicken sandwich I thought to myself; "Maybe we are being put on..." This guy was talking about how he lived the thug life and used to smoke marijuana. He singled out a "brown" girl that was passing and asked her if she was a muslim. She flicked him off. He said things in such a comedic tone that I was kind of baffled that anyone would take it seriously. But whaddaya know, Everybody was hot in the crotch to yell and whoop at every contradictory/moronic/intolerant thing he had to say. He is probably an actor. Maybe the school hires these people as a way to give frustrated kids a means of ventilation. Maybe these folks are actually crazy. Maybe they are dudes that look to get a rise for sueing purposes. Or maybe it is part of this fucked up system. Either way that shit bothers me and it is getting tired.

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